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DSV Start-Up

Press release   •   Mar 07, 2018 09:41 CET

Photo from left: Group CCO René Falch Olesen with Sigal Mannheim-Katzovich (MD, DSV Israel) and President of PCPI Chemi Peres

The future belongs to the innovators, the first-movers with a great idea and the potential to conquer the world. DSV wants to be by their side as transport and logistics partner – helping them develop by ensuring a high-performing and scalable supply chain from the get-go.

DSV Start-Up is a new service that will be launched from Israel. In time, based on the initial experience and learnings from the Israeli "pilot", the service will grow to become a global DSV service with specialised DSV Small-Medium-Business (SMB) teams operating from global innovation hubs.

Value proposition

Many times, start-up companies fail, because the supply chain and distribution of their great new products is not given proper attention. DSV will be the first transport and logistics company to offer a tailored start-up logistics service.

The idea is to help them grow and, as they grow, become their logistics partner of choice. Much like we have done in the past on a more ad hoc/local basis. Basically, we want to help and secure more start-ups like Rawbite, but managed from a central function, which will also offer Control Tower services.

Partnering with the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation (PCPI)

The DSV SMB team in Israel has been targeting start-ups for a couple of years and working on establishing a more strategic approach. Things really started to move after attending the Innovation & Start-ups conference in Tel Aviv 13 September 2017. Here, they met Chemi Peres who is the President of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation (PCPI). And the first talks of a partnership began...

As of 15 February, DSV and the PCPI became official partners in the DSV Start-Up venture. The PCPI will assist and guide DSV in their search for the right high potential start-up companies, so-called unicorns. And DSV will then try to negotiate an exclusive transport and logistics supplier deal.

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