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A pearl of the Rococo: Schloss (castle) Braunshardt in Weiterstadt, Germany. (Photo courtesy of Schloss Braunshardt)
A pearl of the Rococo: Schloss (castle) Braunshardt in Weiterstadt, Germany. (Photo courtesy of Schloss Braunshardt)

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A palace for pills – or the best address in Weiterstadt

What is the best address in Weiterstadt? Hang on; you don’t know where Weiterstadt is?

Well, as the name implies, Weiterstadt is a city (= Stadt) in Germany, right next to Darmstadt and a few kilometers south of Frankfurt Airport.

Many would argue that Schloss Braunshardt is the best address in this city of 25,000 souls. The 18th century castle, a “pearl of the Rococo”, boasts a handful of lavishly decorated rooms that are themed in different colors and open to the public.

Now, if you’re looking to get married, Schloss Braunshardt might just do it for you. You can book the “Luminous Quintet” (five rooms) to host your private party and it will only set you back by 1,200 Euros.

However, if marrying is not an option and you just happen to be in charge of the supply chain for a pharmaceutical company, we have a compelling proposal, i.e. address for you: Panalpina’s very own 21st century Healthcare Center Weiterstadt.

Admittedly, the brand-new facility is a bit more sober than Schloss Braunshardt, yes, but it comes with all the amenities that you would expect from a modern GDP-compliant (and soon-to-be GDP-certified) healthcare logistics facility: 4,500 square metersof temperature-controlled (+2 – +8°C and +15 – +25°C) warehouse space, 6,000 pallet positions and five truck docks (different colors optional).

Panalpina’s new healthcare center of excellence offers every imaginable 24-hour service (including X-ray and dangerous goods handling) for pharmaceutical companies and fulfills the strictest security and quality standards.

It is ideally located in Central Europe enabling short lead times for deliveries anywhere in Europe or the world in less than 48 hours. Equipped to handle air and ocean freight, the Healthcare Center Weiterstadt offers low delivery costs to major freight terminals.

Now, if you still haven’t decided what the best address is for you in Weiterstadt, consider this too:

You cannot dance at Schloss Braunshardt, because the wooden floor is too delicate. You may only wear high heels with heel stoppers. Since the castle is in the middle of a residential area, all events must end at 22:00 latest. And if that wasn’t enough: NO confetti cannons are allowed.

In fairness, smoking is prohibited in both places. But as healthcare experts we can relate to that.

If you’d like to know more about Panalpina’s new Healthcare Center Weiterstadt, please do reach out to Christof Grzech. He would be delighted to give you a private tour of our new “Palace for Pills”.




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Maiken Riise Andersen

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Christian Krogslund

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