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A crowning achievement

Blog post   •   Sep 19, 2017 13:30 CEST

Crown Colombiana supplies some of Colombia’s largest beverage companies with aluminum cans.

Panalpina continues a string of successful new-route developments in the Americas. In little over two years of cooperation with the manufacturer of aluminum containers Crown Colombiana, and after gaining new business with the company between the US and Colombia in 2016, Panalpina has secured an additional contract to move about 3,500 TEUs of ocean freight from Brazil to Colombia. The products being transported under the new deal include aluminum containers, caps and aluminum rolls for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

In order to prevent any contamination of the products during transportation, Panalpina works directly with Crown Colombiana’s main shippers and visits their facilities to oversee procedures that meet the highest sanitary standards. Maintaining a high level of hygiene is one of the most important priorities for Crown Colombiana, and Panalpina is helping it fulfil its exacting shipping requirements for food grade equipment used by breweries and other customers in the expanding Andean market.

Panalpina has been a trusted partner of Crown Colombiana since 2015, when the company made the transition from working directly with shippers to doing it through a 3PL.